What To Do...
For those of you interested in obtaining a character on our MUCK, the process is relatively straightforward. First of all, you need to register for a character through our registration section. Next, connect to Anthropomorphia at telnet://ap.dipterous.org:8888. You can also connect via one of the MUCK clients I’ve listed below. If you haven’t received a character yet, you can still visit with limited access by typing ‘connect guest guest’ upon connecting. Otherwise, the format is ‘connect ’. Upon logging in, type ‘help’ to access the help features and understand the general commands for communicating inside the muck. Then, if you’d like to further your knowledge of MUCK commands, type ‘info’ and read some of the info files listed there. Especially those files dedicated to new players. If you require assistance, either page a wizard with your questions, or explaining that you need assistance acclimating yourself, and they will promptly help you with your problems. To find out who the wizzes, and if they’re online, type ‘wizzes’ and then type ‘page =’ (Minus the brackets of course). Additional informative texts can be found in the 'Existing Character' section under MUCK texts. Now, you’re off to a start in the world of Anthropormorphia.

Sample MUCK Clients

SimpleMU --Platform: Win32

TinyFugue --Platform:Win32,OS/2,UNIX, MacOS

GMud --Platform:Win32