What is Anthropomorphia
Anthropomorphia is an online world dedicated to the anthropomorphic theme. It is a MUCK. A MUCK online system is a variation of a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). MUCKs differ from other MUD variants in the respect that they are much less rule-orientated with more focus on actual game play. A MUCK can operate as a role-playing experience similar to in other MUD variants, however it can also act as an enhanced chat experience since rules are less severe. There are four main object types in a MUCK: players, objects, rooms, and programs. This way, players are able to interact with each other in a simulated environment, utilize objects they or others create, create and utilize programs to make the experience more realistic or convenient, and possess certain attributes unique to their character. A MUCK is dependent upon its players after its creation to be able to increase in size and complexity. Players give back to the MUCK through building creations unique to their characters and increasing the size of the online world. Also, players are allowed to program to a degree and often times during their stay they create programs that improve the MUCK experience for all players involved. However, in order to maintain order and handle more security-sensitive tasks, there is a class of player known as ‘wizards’ who are created to maintain the MUCK, update programs, build various public facilities, manage disputes, and assist players with MUCK-related problems. While, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with all the MUCK-related commands to make full use of the experience, it is not necessary and one can know little and participate with no problem. Whatever problems players may have they may bring to the attention of a wizard or staff member, who will promptly deal with it if they are on-duty. MUCKs can be accessed simply through telnet, or through any particular MUCK client. I have included a link to a sample client in the ‘Getting Started’ section.

The mission of the wizards of Anthropomorphia is to provide a healthy online environment for its players. We work to make Anthropomorphia a place where people can go to socialize, improve their stack-programming, role-play, and exercise their creative impulse. However, while we encourage creativity and expression, it cannot be at the expense of other players. We do not tolerate harassment of players, and want our world to be able to enjoyed by all. Any type of adult theme should be kept private, in a player’s own rooms or sanctioned in a protected adult environment. There is no age limitation to Anthropomorphia, and while Anthropomorphia is based on an anthropomorphic theme (characters being of a human-animal mix), players are not forced to follow this guideline. A character can be anything, from an anthropomorphic fox, to a super-intelligent shade of blue. The only important thing is for players to be respectful of one another in their concept, actions, and creations.